Why not buy from Sam’s?

If I said I have been asked the question “why shouldn’t I buy a camera system from Sam’s?” a thousand times….. I would be exaggerating. But, I do get asked that type of question a lot. Sam’s does carry a lot of video surveillance packages and many of them are dirt cheap. To be frank with you, there are customers who will be satisfied with buying one of their systems.

But, If Sam’s could offer what we do, at the price we do, with the service we do, then….. we would not “do”. So, what is the difference?

1) The most obvious difference is the expertise of the installer: you or us. We have an Oklahoma state license for video surveillance (#1911), hundreds of hours of installation experience and we understand low voltage electricity. We also have the tools (some of them VERY expensive) to install a system.

2) Which brings me to the next reason: It is NOT the same system. Since you are not a licensed installer, the systems you can buy from Sam’s are not made for “professional” installation. Most of them have a proprietary connection which means if it breaks, you must replace it with the same camera. It also means you cannot add another camera of a different brand. The warranty is often less than a professional grade camera AND the service is non-existent. Most reputable video surveillance companies would not consider installing a system from Sam’s.

3) Most of the cameras at Sam’s (or other retail establishments) are lower grade cameras. Their resolution is typically 420 TVL or lower. (We sell nothing below 480 TVL)

4) The same goes for the DVR quality. Remember, since you are not a professional, you do not get “professional grade”. This means that the features you get are for the “novice” and the hard drive space is sometimes minimal (250 GB or less).

5) If you are planning to expand your home or business and may want to add cameras at a later date, you can’t. If it is a 4 camera system, it will only support 4 cameras. That means you would need to buy an entire system if you were to upgrade, whereas a professional company (such as Chief DataCom) can install a system that can be upgraded at a very low cost.

6) We offer financing. Yes, Sam’s has a credit card, but it is a credit card. There is a difference!

7) Finally, and most importantly: WE ARE A LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESS. We warranty our products and services and we believe you should NEVER hire a company you can’t reach out and choke if needed. We are here for our customers and we are just darn good people.

The bottom line is, “cheap” may appear to be a great deal, but if you compare apples to apples, you may actually end up paying less for a much higher quality system!

P.S. Video surveillance works!

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  • Mark:

    Well said. The high cost of “cheap” has bitten me in the hind quarters more than once when it comes to tools. You never regret buying quality. You often regret “saving” money without the full scoop.

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