Unbelievable. A Security Camera Story.

Every once in a while something so unbelievable happens that you just have to see the humor in it and laugh. Recently we were contacted by a self-storage facility on Oklahoma City that had been experiencing theft. Apparently, due to the location of the facility and the time of day the thief was ripping people off, they had been unable to catch him. So, they hired us to install video surveillance with the hope that they could eventually catch the person responsible or possibly deter future incidents.

After completing the video surveillance installation, our crew left for the day not realizing they had left a ladder behind. They went back to the storage facility the next day to retrieve the ladder and low and behold, It was gone! Of course, our first instinct was to refer to the newly installed video surveillance system to review footage to solve the mystery of the missing ladder. Imagine the suspense as they watched the footage and a man appeared. He was casing the place! Going up and down the aisles peeking into places he had no business being anywhere near! He eventually came across our ladder and looked around just to be sure no one was watching……then snatched the ladder! Guess what he did with it? He put it in his own storage unit!

A little while later he returned to the scene of the crime (likely to admire his loot) and he found that he had been locked out! The bandit had to make his way to the rental office to find out what was going on. I am sure you know how the story ends…. we got our ladder back! And the storage facility was able to find out who had been burglarizing their customers! In less than 24 hours!

The moral of the story is, don’t try to rip people off in front of video surveillance cameras! Especially when “the people” you are ripping off installed the cameras! Foolish man.

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