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Crime Scene?!


Being in the security industry, we hear many tragic stories about loss. People ask our advice on how they can make their home, business and community a safer place. The obvious answer is to be aware of your surroundings, know your neighbors, carry a weapon, have an alarm system installed, use security cameras… now we have another piece of advice. Everyone, whether a business or individual should go to and register your home and business. It is free and you will be notified of crimes in your area. You can also report crimes. So many times we do not hear about crimes on the news, or we learn of them days and weeks later. If there is a crime in my neighborhood, I want to know TODAY. Please do yourself and your community a favor and sign up. Criminals are becoming more and more violent, and the only way to stop them is to come together, not hide.

Faithworks of OKC Testimonial

Chief DataCom has installed complete surveillance systems in two locations of ours. Not only do they provide a quality product, their service is what sold me. They have made multiple trips to our facilities to walk us through our systems, adjust settings for us and more. Their competent, capable staff was careful to clean up after all installations and were mindful of our customers and clients. We would recommend Chief DataCom to anyone in the market for a security solution.

Jace Kirk
Assistant Director
FaithWorks of the Inner City

Chief Security

A few years ago when we started Chief DataCom, we had no idea that in the near future another company would be born of it. We have worked closely with our commercial and residential CCTV customers and quickly realized, that they had other security needs. We had a customer who was the victim of an unstable ex-spouse who was stalking her, we had numerous customers who were the victims of burglaries, businesses and individuals who had property vandalized, a real estate professional who was threatened with violent bodily harm and so many others. This is when we decided there was a real need for a security store that offered a solution to most security threats.

At Chief Security, a person can purchase a self-defense weapon such as a stun gun, knife or pepper spray as well as protect their home with cameras and a burglar alarm! From hidden cameras to tracking devices, it seemed that we had solved most security needs. But, there were other needs; like the need to obtain a license to carry a handgun for protection or the need for an armed security officer. We offer both. In fact, we took our mission to protect people so seriously that we even offer a line of custom steel storm shelters which are made locally by our family owned, and retired (disabled) veteran operated steel fabrication company!

I never tire of hearing how one of our customers either prevented or solved a crime because of our products! I love to hear the stories of parents who used to stay up all night wondering where their troubled teen was, and now they can track their vehicle 24/7. It may sound a little crazy to some, but, too many others know the reality.

Stop by our store sometime, we would love to show you around!

Chief Security

Chief Security

Another Thief Caught on Video

It is amazing what people will steal. One of our customers, Basey’s Roofing, had one of their cameras stolen right off of their building! The thief looked right into the camera.

Security cameras are so affordable now and there are so many options. There really is no reason to steal them! With burglaries on the rise, it is a wise investment for any business owner, just ask this guy.
Baseys roofing

Hindsight Doesn’t Do a Bit of Good When You are Burglarized…..AGAIN.

The other day, my son was talking about super powers. He asked “If you could have any power, what would it be?”. Today, I think I can answer that question. The ability to turn back time.

I don’t know that I can articulate how frustrating it is to meet with a potential customer, someone who has experienced substantial loss due to theft, and hear them say “I want to get cameras, but I just don’t have time right now.”

About 2 weeks ago, I met with a man who is in the construction business. He had over $50,000 in equipment stolen in the past couple of years. He was very frustrated. They say that change happens “when the pain of remaining the same is greater then that of changing.” I guess he had not reached that point just yet, because, though he had experienced such a loss, he opted to hold off on having cameras installed.

It gets worse.

I received a text message from him “Well….I just got hit again. Trailer and Skid Steer were stolen from my driveway.”

For those of you who do not know what a Skid Steer is, or what it costs, let me just say that this one theft cost him over $35,000. skid-steer-intro
If he would have had the cameras installed as originally planned, he would more than likely know who stole from him, and would more than likely have excellent footage of the trailer heist and the vehicle to which it was attached!
But, we cannot go back in time. We cannot “rewind” the video and give it to the police. We cannot give proof to the insurance company that his equipment was stolen. We only have hindsight….again.

There is an “I” in BUSINESS!

Earlier this week, I had someone tell me how great our new store is. He went on to say that “If I know you, this will be a huge success!” He then offered a product suggestion and insisted that I carry this item. For a number of reasons, I will not take his suggestion. (I DO appreciate his suggestion, he really wanted to help!) This is just a thought for anyone out there who owns their own business. Hopefully you have put in the time and understand the ins and outs of your trade. I hope that you have had some experience every single trivial task involved in making your company successful. Sweeping, mopping, stocking shelves, conducting inventory, balancing the books, marketing, advertising, selling, customer service. Your business acumen, achievement drive and natural ability !i3will take you a long way, but you MUST put in the time and pay your dues in order to really be successful! Now, back to my original statement… there is a reason I am qualified to do what I do… there is a reason you are qualified to do what YOU DO. Do not be afraid to take the helm and make tough decisions! Do not be afraid to say “no” or “no thank you!”. The fact is, we have all heard “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM”, right? BUT, there IS an ‘I’ in BUSINESS. And the “I” in business means “I write the checks, I pay the bills, I am the one whose name is on the line, I am the one who takes the risk, I am the one who had the dream for this business, I have put in the hard work, I am the “I” in the business!” Don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to make decisions! YOU DO WHAT YOU DO for a reason. Be the “I” in your business

10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System

10. Your company image will improve.

9. Paging feature saves footsteps.

8. Auto attendant saves time and payroll.

7. Music & advertising on hold creates better customer service without added payroll.

6. Unified messaging saves valuable time (voicemail and faxes are emailed to you).

5. More phone lines equals fewer missed calls.

4. Do not disturb feature will enhance productivity and privacy.

3. Call forward feature allows staff to be mobile (also forwards the number called from).

2. Ability to view remote video surveillance cameras on your phone at home or at the office.

1. VoIP can almost completely eliminate long distance charges.

Visit our telephone systems page for more information!

Security camera testimonial- “exceeded all my expectations”

With all the uncertainty in the world, the peace of mind I now have with Chief DataCom is priceless! Last year, on a rare occasion, I put some important checks in my mailbox for the postal service to pick up. Unfortunately, this was the one day a thief decided to help themselves to the contents. They ordered checks using my information and wrote checks all over town. Now, I can see who is coming and going from my house, and every thing that happens at my home! I have young children and can easily keep an eye on them at all times, whether they are outside playing on play equipment, or just at the kitchen table doing homework. Even when I am away working while they are being watched by another care taker, I can keep an eye on what’s happening at my home on my smart phone. I feel safer and more secure, knowing there is security system in place to protect the ones I love the most!

The technicians and staff at Chief DataCom were professional and efficient with their installation. They took the time to explain everything in detail. They made sure their work exceeded all my expectations! I am extremely satisfied, trust them completely and would highly recommend them to all my clients, friends, and family.

Mandy Renee

Teens or Kids Home ALONE?

Stop! Don’t even think about leaving your teens home alone! Unless you LISTEN to this first!
Click here—> Security cameras for teens
(Our newest BOTT radio commercial)

Thieves, crooks and burglars, OH MY!

We hear stories all of the time from our customers about catching employees stealing, discovering kids are not behaving and so many other little surprises. I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing some of those with you! How about a story of 2 low life thugs stealing Christmas from a 6 year old girl? THEN trashing the Christmas tree AND stealing a firearm!?

If you recognize the crooks, PLEASE notify the police or see the email info in the pictures. These guys are local. Someone will know who they are.

This story made national news! Check it out. Click here>>> Chief DataCom Client Makes National News