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S Studio Salon’s Chief Experience

Staci Patton, Owner of S Studio Salon in Oklahoma City.
S Studio Salon Testimonial
Thank you Staci! We appreciate your business! Visit S Studio Salon at: 2528 W. Memorial in OKC

Exceptional, professional, timely

Dear Chad and Chief DataCom Staff,

I would like to take the time to thank you personally for the exceptional job you did installing my NEC telephone system, video surveillance system and computer network cabling.
Being in the construction industry, I know how difficult it can be to plan and execute a task of this magnitude, however, you and your staff did a fabulous job. Not only were you professional and timely, you were very prompt in responding to any questions or concerns. You took the time to educate me on the products, services and process.
Thank you for your attention to detail, responsiveness and professionalism. We will be happy to recommend you!


Mike Cullers
American Roofing Supply

VoIP app: A very cool shared blog

ZANGI is a new mobile app that supports free SMS, voice and video calls, multi-user conferences, instant messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, integration with other programs and more. ZANGI is still in “stealth mode”, but I’m told their offering is coming out next month with support for multiple mobile platforms including OS, Android OS, Symbian, Windows PC, or Windows Mobile. It can also be used via web interface or through social networks like Facebook, Google+, etc. How integrated with these popular social networks remains to be seen. It also supports syncing of your address book, as shown here:

Using ZANGI you will have local and international calls and SMS for free when dialing other ZANGI users and calls to none ZANGI users they claim will be at very low rates. In order to use ZANGI you only need to have WiFi or 3G/4G connection and the application installed on your smartphone. The app is also GPS/location aware, though I’m not sure why exactly it needs to be location-aware.

The video calling, multi-user conferencing, and file sharing certainly seem interesting. Can’t wait to try it out. As previously mentioned, they are still in stealth mode, so their mobile and desktop apps aren’t yet available. But this is a company to keep your eye on over the next few weeks if looking to try a new mobile VoIP / video / SMS app.

Written by: Tom Keating

Video FYI

In case you didn’t know…

Video Surveillance (CCTV) and Business Telephone Systems are affordable!

He put the “Chief” in Chief DataCom


Chad NesSmith

Chad NesSmith is the President and owner of Chief DataCom.  You may wonder why this statement is significant.  It so happens that Chad is a bit of a celebrity in the world of telecom. 

More often than not, when I go into my usual dissertation about Chief DataCom and how awesome we are (and I get to the point where I talk about Chad) this is the response I get: “Chad NesSmith! Wow! He put in our telephone system 20 years ago!!” 

Chad’s career began about 25 years ago in Lawton, Oklahoma.  He has worked with many interesting people over the years, including the now State Auditor, Gary Jones (who used to own a telecom company).  Chad also installed his very first video surveillance system during that time.  It is interesting to hear how much video surveillance and telephone systems have changed over the years!

Chad also holds a number of certifications for telecom and network services in addition to holding a state license for video surveillance.  Chad is often sought out by other professionals in the industry when they are in need of an expert opinion or advice on how to manage a particular project.

In 1989, Chad took his expertise to the next level and purchased (along with a partner) a flailing telecom company that was sinking like rock.  As president, he successfully turned it into a very prosperous commercial telecommunications company and was even awarded the coveted “Best of Business” award. He enjoyed this success for several years and eventually decided to sell his interest in the company and reinvest in a new company, a new adventure. 

This new company would be born of his own ideas, expertise, superior customer service skills, personal values and of course his wife’s (Leslie) energy.  The company is Chief DataCom.  Though Chief DataCom is a new company, the experience behind the company rivals any company of its sort in the state of Oklahoma. 

Now you “know” the man who put the “Chief” in Chief DataCom

10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System

10. Your company image will improve.

9. Paging feature saves footsteps.

8. Auto attendant saves time and payroll.

7. Music & advertising on hold creates better customer service without added payroll.

6. Unified messaging saves valuable time (voicemail and faxes are emailed to you).

5. More phone lines equals fewer missed calls.

4. Do not disturb feature will enhance productivity and privacy.

3. Call forward feature allows staff to be mobile (also forwards the number called from).

2. Ability to view remote video surveillance cameras on your phone at home or at the office.

1. VoIP can almost completely eliminate long distance charges.

Visit our telephone systems page for more information!

Buy now, pay later.

This seems to be the theme of our American shopping practices. Is there ever a time when we should buy now and pay later? As business owners, we have decided that our aim is to operate debt free. For us it is not just a goal it is a reality. However, there are many companies out there that are simply not in the position to completely avoid debt.
What happens if a business owner has a real need for a product or service that can significantly increase productivity, sales and/or customer service or decrease loss and expense but does not have the cash to pay for it today? Not all of us have the luxury of an open checkbook. (Maybe none of us do.) Not all of us have capital reserve, but we all have a need to improve our daily operations.
At Chief DataCom we offer low interest financing for those who need it. Many businesses suffer loss due to theft or careless mistakes that could be totally avoided with video surveillance. Other businesses miss important customer calls due to lack of phones, phone lines, voicemail or the ability to retrieve messages while on the go. In these situations a choice must be made either continue the way business is currently being conducted and save a dime today, or improve operations and add money to the bottom line while making low interest payments.
This is an important decision to make especially if you are one of those losing money or missing out on potential sales. Financing is not the best choice for everyone, but for some it can be the one thing that keeps their business afloat or propels their business to the next level.
If you are in need of a new business telephone system or video surveillance but do not have the cash on hand today, financing may be an option for you. To those of you who do have an open checkbook, we are here for you too! (We just don’t recommend financing.)

Small Business Telephone Solution

At Chief DataCom, we offer the Panasonic brand as a solution for our small business clients. Panasonic is a trusted brand, with unsurpassed quality and technology. Check out this video which demonstrates one of the SIP systems we offer.

Our New Video

We are almost famous! Maybe famous is a strong word. Check out our product video.



A strange title for a blog post on a for-profit website!  Actually, it is the theme for the month at Chief DataCom.  We have all heard the expression “pay it forward” and Oprah coined the phrase “random acts of kindness”, but, how many businesses out there actually take this to heart?

It is true that a little generosity goes a long way much like the ripples from a pebble tossed in a lake.  The effect of a kind act is infinite! 

I can remember many times in my life when the kindness of a person, especially a stranger, moved me to pay it forward.  From the time when I was 6 years old and learned that “Santa Claus” was actually the West Walden Street Church of God (our family was poor), to the time when the perfect stranger paid my toll on the San Mateo bridge: I felt the overwhelming need to help the less fortunate.

In the book The Genius of Generosity, it talks about how true generosity is not measured in the size of the gift, rather, the size of the sacrifice.  Anyone with “much” should be able to give generously.  Anyone with little who gives “much” is truly generous!

This month we are donating a percentage of our sales to The City Rescue Mission.  We are a small company, but, I hope our pebble will create infinite waves!