No, Thank YOU. A testimonial.

Good Afternoon Leslie & Chad @ Chief DataCom,

I would like to start by saying Thank You for the great work you did for us at 247 Graphx Studios Inc. The surveillance system that you installed works flawlessly. The peace of mind and security that we receive from Chief Data Com is priceless. Your attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company. I also love the app for my phone that allows me to monitor my business even when I can’t be there. We have impressed our customers with your app because we are able to show them their job in progress. I am looking forward to having your products installed at my home. I will enjoy not having to rush home every time my alarm goes off because I will be able to see if I have a intruder or just a false alarm. Again Thank You,  your company is a prime example of quality products and fantastic customer service.
Thank You,

Casey Graham

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