A Neighborhood Watch Story

Chad & Leslie,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the ease of doing business with Chief DataCom. Our home owners association is not the easiest to please and the neighborhood watch group is even more particular. Since you installed the security cameras at the entrance to our neighborhood everyone seems to be more relaxed and at ease as they should be without the system.

Our neighborhood experienced three burglaries in a short period of time. A total loss of over $90,000.00. That loss was incurred by two of the three break-ins we experienced. My personal loss was $45,000.00. Most of my loss was jewelry. I have said jokingly that I cannot afford to date my wife again. The truth of the matter is, the individuals that broke into my home were caught but never prosecuted because they would not admit to breaking into my home. The city attorney and the DA both told me a picture speaks a thousand words. That is why I called you..

You made the ease of installation so simple and user friendly I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. The neighborhood watch group consists of twenty four home owners that are very active in our neighborhood security. I have found it very difficult to please them all of the time. The system you installed at the entrance to our neighborhood has given all homeowners in the neighborhood a sense of overwhelming security. I thank you a thousand times over for all the sincere, personal and extreme concern you showed to our neighbors questions and concerns in relation to the system and all its functions and capabilities. By the way, I got three quotes from competitors. One was the same as yours to the penny. Your level of service surpassed theirs by leaps and bounds.

Your customer service is something that could go a long way for every community you do business in if it becomes contagious. Thanks again for bringing our neighborhood a sense of security!

David L. Holcomb
Wyatt Village Neighborhood Watch

No, Thank YOU. A testimonial.

Good Afternoon Leslie & Chad @ Chief DataCom,

I would like to start by saying Thank You for the great work you did for us at 247 Graphx Studios Inc. The surveillance system that you installed works flawlessly. The peace of mind and security that we receive from Chief Data Com is priceless. Your attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company. I also love the app for my phone that allows me to monitor my business even when I can’t be there. We have impressed our customers with your app because we are able to show them their job in progress. I am looking forward to having your products installed at my home. I will enjoy not having to rush home every time my alarm goes off because I will be able to see if I have a intruder or just a false alarm. Again Thank You,  your company is a prime example of quality products and fantastic customer service.
Thank You,

Casey Graham

A Heavenly Client

Heavenly Hands Day Spa in Mustang contacted us in desperate need of upgrading their existing sound/paging system. This elegant (and well known) spa needed professional sound that complimented the serene environment. This would require running an extensive amount of cable/wire as well as penetrating (cutting in to) the ceiling and walls and networking it all together. We were more than happy to complete this project and the end result was….well, very spa-like!

P.S. We have 25 years experience in cabling, video surveillance and telephone systems.

Stolen crystals, you say?

There are few things more frustrating than someone taking advantage of a small business owner. It is even more perverse when the scoundrel steals from a new business that is trying (despite “the economy”) to get off the ground! We were delighted to answer the call of Beadle Dee Bead Shop in Edmond when we learned that a crook had hijacked some of their precious crystal beads! For shame! Next time they will be caught on camera!

Video surveillance works!