Faithworks of OKC Testimonial

Chief DataCom has installed complete surveillance systems in two locations of ours. Not only do they provide a quality product, their service is what sold me. They have made multiple trips to our facilities to walk us through our systems, adjust settings for us and more. Their competent, capable staff was careful to clean up after all installations and were mindful of our customers and clients. We would recommend Chief DataCom to anyone in the market for a security solution.

Jace Kirk
Assistant Director
FaithWorks of the Inner City

I highly recommend Chief DataCom..security cameras

All Things Baby, Inc. is a small, local non-profit ministry. It came to our attention that we were having an issue with theft from our donation drop off house. Due to our limited hours of operation it wasn’t always possible to empty the donation house daily and our donors make special effort to ensure we receive their donations. ATBWe felt like video surveillance would be the best way to monitor the situation and to keep an extra eye on our clients coming and going. I was referred to Leslie at Chief DataCom. I called her that morning and she met me at our offices that afternoon. She was very professional and kind. She gave me various options for our specific situation. Within 3 weeks, we had a state of the art video surveillance system in place and fully operational. The installation crew was totally professional and fast. They worked around any problem they incurred with our specific install with ease. I am very impressed with the quality of installation and thoroughness. The technician explained how to view the cameras remotely or on a viewing monitor in office. In addition to their high level of professionalism on every front, they are one of only a few fully licensed security companies in the metro area. I highly recommend Chief DataCom for any and all video surveillance needs, residential or business.
-Courtney Gregg
Executive Director,
All Things Baby, Inc.

Security camera testimonial- “exceeded all my expectations”

With all the uncertainty in the world, the peace of mind I now have with Chief DataCom is priceless! Last year, on a rare occasion, I put some important checks in my mailbox for the postal service to pick up. Unfortunately, this was the one day a thief decided to help themselves to the contents. They ordered checks using my information and wrote checks all over town. Now, I can see who is coming and going from my house, and every thing that happens at my home! I have young children and can easily keep an eye on them at all times, whether they are outside playing on play equipment, or just at the kitchen table doing homework. Even when I am away working while they are being watched by another care taker, I can keep an eye on what’s happening at my home on my smart phone. I feel safer and more secure, knowing there is security system in place to protect the ones I love the most!

The technicians and staff at Chief DataCom were professional and efficient with their installation. They took the time to explain everything in detail. They made sure their work exceeded all my expectations! I am extremely satisfied, trust them completely and would highly recommend them to all my clients, friends, and family.

Mandy Renee

As a police officer…

Some people need no introduction, or explanation,

“As a police officer, I know the importance of protecting my home. Unfortunately, often times when there is a burglary, the thief is long gone before the police arrive. This is why having security cameras is so important. Chief DataCom installed my security camera system and I know what is going on at my house 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I can view it all right from my iPhone or computer. I can even see what happened a month ago! The best part is, Chief DataCom is a local company with local people, great prices and great service. These days, anyone who can have this type of system, should get it.”

Chad Peery Chad Peery
OKC Police Department

Another Crook Caught on Tape! (I mean, caught on “hard drive”)

Have you noticed that there seems to be a spike in criminal activity? Here’s is ANOTHER one of our customers who was recently burglarized. Thank goodness they have EXCELLENT video footage! What would you do if your home or business were burglarized? Rick Opitz, owner of 5 Star Storage, turned the video over to the police! So far 2 of the trailers have been recovered AND the crooks were positively ID’d.

News 9 Trailers Stolen from 5 Star Storage

S Studio Salon’s Chief Experience

Staci Patton, Owner of S Studio Salon in Oklahoma City.
S Studio Salon Testimonial
Thank you Staci! We appreciate your business! Visit S Studio Salon at: 2528 W. Memorial in OKC

Testimonial from Paul Sublett GM of BOTT Radio OKC

Click here to hear the testimonial. Chief DataCom_Testimonial

“This is Paul Sublett, General Manager of Bott Radio Network – Oklahoma. Chief DataCom recently installed surveillance cameras for us and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I can monitor what’s going on in and around our studios day and night – anytime, anywhere. Chad and Leslie are knowledgeable professionals and have been great to work with. I’d recommend Chief DataCom to everyone!”

Thank you Paul! We enjoyed working with you. What a great group of people!

Forever Young- A testimonial (Security cameras)

Working with Chief DataCom is amazing. I’m so glad to have met Leslie and Chad. As a startup business owner, there are so many companies out there eager to take advantage of you, making it hard to find people to work with that you can trust. I met Company X and received their quote for camera installation, a digital recording system, and a monitor. Their quote was $1600 more than Chief DataCom for the EXACT SAME PRODUCTS. I remember calling Leslie a few days after she submitted her proposal—I was baffled at the savings and figured there must be something wrong, or labor wasn’t included. She said “Nope. That’s for everything.” I was shocked—in a good way. It was amazing to see that I didn’t have to sacrifice quality for savings. Besides that, the security cameras were installed the following week, all in one afternoon. The guys came in, did their thing and didn’t disrupt business. Everyone on the staff is friendly and fun to work with. I’m glad to have met Leslie and Chad. They’re more than just business owners, they’ve become friends and I highly recommend them to anyone who has any security needs!

-Deidra Johnson, Owner: Forever Young Adult Daycare, Edmond

Exceptional Service

May 22, 2012
Chief DataCom,

I’m writing this letter to you to say thank you for the exceptional service you have provided. We had a need for video surveillance in and around our training facility for liability purposes. By installing a video surveillance system, your company has provided us with the peace of mind we need as we grow. Our expectations have been met and exceeded!

Chad and his crew were very professional and friendly, from the initial consultation right up to the last day of install. The equipment covers the areas we need to view and the access to the server is incredibly quick and easy. I can’t wait to set up the live broadcast feature so we can stream what’s happening in the gym on the web.

We will be recommending your Chief DataCom to our friends and business contacts due to the exceptional quality of service you have provided. Again, thank you!


Jason Boag
Owner, CrossFit OKC

Exceptional, professional, timely

Dear Chad and Chief DataCom Staff,

I would like to take the time to thank you personally for the exceptional job you did installing my NEC telephone system, video surveillance system and computer network cabling.
Being in the construction industry, I know how difficult it can be to plan and execute a task of this magnitude, however, you and your staff did a fabulous job. Not only were you professional and timely, you were very prompt in responding to any questions or concerns. You took the time to educate me on the products, services and process.
Thank you for your attention to detail, responsiveness and professionalism. We will be happy to recommend you!


Mike Cullers
American Roofing Supply