HD and IP Cameras vs Standard (analog) Cameras

So many times I am asked what the difference is between HD cameras and “high resolution” (analog) cameras, other than price, that is. The other question I get is “who would buy the ‘regular’ cameras if they do not offer positive ID of an intruder.
In this blog, I will talk about the differences between HD and high res and I will explain “who” the typical customer is for each.

I will avoid using a bunch of technical jargon since most of the people reading this would appreciate simple terminology.
In the case of video surveillance, HD cameras are measured in mega pixels. 1 mega pixel is equal to one-million pixels. When you compare a high resolution 540 TVL camera to a high definition camera, keep this in mind; 540 TVL = .4 mega pixels. This means, that the resolution of a 1 MP camera is 2.5 times greater than a 540 TVL camera! When you consider that most high definition cameras are at least 2 MP, there is a HUGE difference in clarity. The bottom line is, the images from an HD system are significantly better than those from an analog system. This means that you are more likely to be able to recognize/identify a person or vehicle via an HD system than a high resolution system.

Here’s a video from a customer of ours in Edmond. It is about 5:00 in the morning and there is VERY little light. Her cameras caught activity at a neighbors house ACROSS THE STREET!
Actual HD Footage from Edmond Customer

So, who buys HD security camera systems? The price comparison is about as drastic as the quality comparison. An HD system will run you 2 to 3 times the price of a standard high resolution (analog) system. Needless to say, they are pretty pricey. Though historically, banks and detention facilities were the main user of HD systems, residential and small commercial use is becoming more prevalent. We install HD systems in homes, city government facilities and recently a multilevel parking garage in Bricktown!

HD Camera Image

This is a picture from a 2 MP HD camera. I pulled the camera up on my iPhone, and then took a screenshot of the image. (This may be confusing! If it is, feel free to come by the office an I will demonstrate.)

High Resolution (Analog)
Analog security camera systems are very common. As I stated above, they are much less expensive than an HD system. So, why (other than budget) would someone opt to purchase an analog system over an HD system? Standard high resolution systems are a cost effective way to “monitor” a location. When using security cameras only to monitor, the user does not need to positively ID a person. They may be monitoring their office,employees, pets or domestic help and they do not have a need to have facial recognition. Why? Because they KNOW who it is in the video. They are simply monitoring the activities. The problem is, when someone they do not know enters the picture, the images may be useless to the authorities. That being said, a good high resolution system is better than no system at all. Many a crook has been caught with this type of security camera!

Analog image from a 540 TVL camera

Something to consider; The DVR that is used for HD is different from that of an analog system. But, sometimes both types of cameras are needed in order to have quality images as well as meet a budget. In this case, we install a hybrid DVR. This allows the user to have HD cameras in critical areas and have analog cameras in areas the wish only to monitor.

Who buys the analog security camera systems? Home owners and businesses who have a limited budget or who have little or no need to have very high quality footage.
Here is an example of an analog image. Again, this is a screen shot from my iPhone while viewing the camera on line.

When deciding which type of system is right for you, consider not only WHAT you may need to see but also WHO. If there is an incident, how important is it for the police to be able to get a positive ID of the person?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System

10. Your company image will improve.

9. Paging feature saves footsteps.

8. Auto attendant saves time and payroll.

7. Music & advertising on hold creates better customer service without added payroll.

6. Unified messaging saves valuable time (voicemail and faxes are emailed to you).

5. More phone lines equals fewer missed calls.

4. Do not disturb feature will enhance productivity and privacy.

3. Call forward feature allows staff to be mobile (also forwards the number called from).

2. Ability to view remote video surveillance cameras on your phone at home or at the office.

1. VoIP can almost completely eliminate long distance charges.

Visit our telephone systems page for more information!

HD Security Cameras (actual customer video)

Lately, we have had a surge of new customers interested in HD (high definition) security cameras. There have been so many stories in the news about theft, assault, abuse and other horrific things; and some of it has been caught on video. Most of the time, people say “I want security cameras, but not the kind that I see on the news! They are always grainy!” We hear this a lot. There are some things to consider when purchasing a security camera system (also referred to as CCTV or video surveillance).

Keep in mind that there are some FANTASTIC standard definition security camera systems out there. We sell them. But, they ARE standard definition. You may get an image that looks so good you could frame it, but you may get an image that is useless. For the most part, this type of CCTV is a great solution for most applications. Businesses can easily monitor employees and customers, home owners can know who has been in their home and what they have been doing.

The challenge comes when there is a need for a positive ID. Standard definition camera systems can offer this, but not consistently. On the other hand, HD systems (or IP camera systems) offer consistent high quality images. It is rare that we see this type of video on the news because so few people invest in HD security cameras. They do cost more, but, when a positive ID is needed, HD is the way to go. Systems are so much more affordable than they used to be! (we even offer financing). Check out this video. This is actual footage of an incident that happened in Edmond. One of our customers was able to capture this video from across the street! By the way, the police officers were so impressed with this video, they asked for our contact information for their personal home! (be sure to make it full screen) Edmond neighborhood video

Security camera testimonial- “exceeded all my expectations”

With all the uncertainty in the world, the peace of mind I now have with Chief DataCom is priceless! Last year, on a rare occasion, I put some important checks in my mailbox for the postal service to pick up. Unfortunately, this was the one day a thief decided to help themselves to the contents. They ordered checks using my information and wrote checks all over town. Now, I can see who is coming and going from my house, and every thing that happens at my home! I have young children and can easily keep an eye on them at all times, whether they are outside playing on play equipment, or just at the kitchen table doing homework. Even when I am away working while they are being watched by another care taker, I can keep an eye on what’s happening at my home on my smart phone. I feel safer and more secure, knowing there is security system in place to protect the ones I love the most!

The technicians and staff at Chief DataCom were professional and efficient with their installation. They took the time to explain everything in detail. They made sure their work exceeded all my expectations! I am extremely satisfied, trust them completely and would highly recommend them to all my clients, friends, and family.

Mandy Renee

Teens or Kids Home ALONE?

Stop! Don’t even think about leaving your teens home alone! Unless you LISTEN to this first!
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Video surveillance, security cameras or CCTV? Is there a difference?

In short, no. It is funny how there are so many terms used for the same thing. There are a lot of people who think that each of the terms represent a different type of camera system. Though there are many different types, brands and configurations, they all fall into categories of video surveillance, security cameras and CCTV.

“Video surveillance” is the term that is used more by the professional installers in the field. Is is the term that (to us) best describes what it is.

“Security cameraOklahoma City CCTV” is the term used primarily by the end user. Why? Because security is usually the reason they are purchasing. Sometimes people mistake a “security system” for “security cameras” or vice versa. A security system may consist a burglar alarm, access control, video surveillance, various other software and hardware or all of these components. Whereas security cameras are just that, a camera system (with some type of recording device such as a DVR or NVR).

“CCTV” is the term used by many manufacturers of CCTV components (it is also used by professionals in the field since it is much shorter to say and write than “video surveillance”!) CCTV stands for “closed circuit television”. Wikipedia defines CCTV as “..the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted..”

On a related note, many people who desire to access their video surveillance system via their iPhone or internet oftentimes refer to it as an “IP system”. They will call and ask us “can you tell me how much and IP system for my home would cost?” Most of the time, what they are really after is the price of a system they can access via the internet, not necessarily an actual IP system. An IP (internet protocol) system will offer much higher image quality (mega pixels) than a standard system, but the cost can be significantly more. Here is a video that goes into more detail about this subject.

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Be Prepared! Home Safety & Security Tips.

Every once in a while, I hear a story on the news about a crime that was committed and wonder “how in the world did that happen?” With all of the technology and security available to us, how does someone get away with a bank robbery? How can a no good thief get away with kicking in the front door of a home, stealing everything of value inside, the drive away and NOT GET CAUGHT? I really want to know the answers to these questions!

The ones that really get to me though, are the ones where someone is injured or killed by an intruder. I just think “I wish they would have had a gun”….. or some other time of means to defend themselves. The simple fact is, that it could happen to any of us, at any time. It could be the soccer mom who is home alone after dropping kids off at school, or her husband “Mr. Fix It” working on his 67 Mustang with the garage door wide open. But, he should be able to work on his car with the garage door open and not have to worry about some whacked out crack addict looking to steal something for his next fix, right?

To some degree, we are all potential targets. We are not helpless, but we do have a right and responsibility to protect our self, our home and loved ones should something like this happen. Better yet, we should do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening!

Look on line and you will find a plethora of information on home safety. Here are some of the best tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

1) LOCK your doors whether you are home or not. Yes, even you people in Mayberry.
2) Have some sort of sign posted indicating that you have security; an alarm company sign, NRA sign, beware of dog sign… SOMETHING.
3) Have a weapon on or near you at ALL times. Weapon= gun, baseball bat, golf club, stun gun, crow bar.. you get the picture.
4) Make sure EVERYONE in your house has a weapon and knows how to use it.
5) Keep some lights on, ALL of the time. Wicked people HATE light. They do not want to go near it because it exposes them. (and it makes it tough to sneak in a side door if there is a big spot light pointed at it!)
6) Have a plan. Everyone in your house should know what to do if; they hear gun fire, a burglar enters the house, if anyone unexpected comes to the door etc…. (there are literally millions of scenarios)
7) Don’t leave your garage door remote in your car unless your car door is locked AND you hide the remote AND you set your alarm on your house!
8 ) Don’t leave spare keys in an obvious place (like under the door mat, or flower pot…)

For more information on home safety, click here to learn about our next Home Safety and Survival workshop! Lunch is provided!

Deer Creek Chamber Business of the Month!

Chief DataCom is the Deer Creek Chamber’s Business of the Month. Chief DataCom is owned and operated by Chad and Leslie NesSmith.

We install video surveillance (also known as security camera systems), business phone systems and structured cabling. Chad started in this business about 25 years ago and is well respected in this industry. We are very community minded; we both coach youth sports and volunteer for our church and other community organizations. We even offer free workshops on home safety and security. We believe it is our responsibility to give back to the community!

Right now, video surveillance is in high demand. It seems that we cannot go a week without someone calling us because they were burglarized, the victim of employee dishonesty or some other type of crime. We have a true passion for this business and helping people. Nothing is more satisfying than one of our customers calling us to say that we helped them avoid loss or catch a bad guy!

Video surveillance is so much more affordable now than it was just a few short years ago. In addition, the technology has really advanced! Now, a person can be in another country and can keep an eye on their home or business in real time on their smart phone. With 5 kids ranging in age from 9 to 19, we have put our cameras to good use!

If you have every though about having a security camera system installed in your home or business, please give us a call. We offer great service, great products and a great price! And, we are right down the street from you!

Proud members of the Deer Creek Chamber of Commerce!

Deer Creek Business of the Month

Has the World Gone Mad?

As a homeowner, parent, neighbor and citizen, I have become ardently concerned about the safety and security of our community. Not only has my personal home been targeted by thieves, but almost everyone I know has been affected by in some way by illegal activity or the willful abuse of their property by another. I hear stories almost daily about someone having a vehicle broken in to, a business being ripped off by dishonest employees or customers, parents who are at their wits-end due to unruly teenagers and the inability to monitor their behavior because they are holding down two jobs and just can’t be everywhere!
Which begs the question, “Has the world gone mad?” Being involved in the community and doing the type of work that we do, maybe I am just hyper-sensitive to the goings on in the world. Maybe not. The fact is, the world is a different place today than it was when I was a kid. Yes, there were crooks, misfits and sickos 30 years ago, but is seems there are more of them today as a percentage of the population. To make matters worse, these people have access to technology that simply did not exist back then! Internet, cell phones, sophisticated computer programs, violent and suggestive images and videos, all seem to make us sitting ducks for any thieving sociopath out there. Depressing? Yes, and no. You see, even though times are a far cry from the Brady Bunch Days, “we the people” have access to all of the same technology as the bad guys; with one clear advantage, we don’t have to hide in the shadows!
We can choose to have access to our children’s online accounts, cell phones and restrict access to inappropriate material. We can set our alarm to our house and vehicles, we can perform background checks on employees, we can check to see if the new neighbor is a registered sex offender, we can use tools like security cameras to keep an eye on unruly teens, the UPS guy, and anyone entering our home or business for any reason at all! We do not have to be victims of this ever changing society! We can make the decision to educate ourselves and those around us! We can bind ourselves together as a community, get to know our neighbors and do everything in our power to create an environment that makes the reprehensible sector of our society uncomfortable at the very thought of entering our neighborhoods!
Maybe the world has gone mad. We not only have the right to remain silent, but also the responsibility to speak (and act) out.

As a police officer…

Some people need no introduction, or explanation,

“As a police officer, I know the importance of protecting my home. Unfortunately, often times when there is a burglary, the thief is long gone before the police arrive. This is why having security cameras is so important. Chief DataCom installed my security camera system and I know what is going on at my house 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I can view it all right from my iPhone or computer. I can even see what happened a month ago! The best part is, Chief DataCom is a local company with local people, great prices and great service. These days, anyone who can have this type of system, should get it.”

Chad Peery Chad Peery
OKC Police Department