90 Day Warranty Statement

Warranty Statement

1) Your products/services have a 90 day warranty on workmanship from the installation date. This means that if the equipment is defective in some way, we will replace it at no charge to you for the warranty period. You will not be charged for the replacement or the installation of the replacement. Note: Abuse or misuse of the product is not covered (ie. Vandalism, alteration, relocation, intentional or unintentional damage by you or a 3rd party etc.) Acts of God (lightening, tornados, earthquakes etc) are not covered, however, we will pray for you.

2) If there is a need for us to come to your location after we have installed the product or service because your preference in product, service or the placement of the product or service has changed, an “add, move or change order” will need to be placed. This means you will be responsible for paying for the technician’s time, trip and materials.

3) Once we have installed equipment sold by us to you the equipment must not be altered, disconnected, re-networked or relocated in any way. Only a licensed technician from Chief DataCom should service the equipment we install. If the equipment is altered as described above, the warranty may be voided. If there is a need for a technician to come to your location to repair equipment in such a situation, you will be responsible for the technician’s time and material cost.

4) Once we have networked your equipment (smart phone, computer, or any other equipment) to our equipment, we are not responsible for the performance or maintenance of your equipment. If you have technical problems with your equipment (network, software, phone app, or other issues) we will be happy to try to help you resolve the issue via phone or email at no charge to you. If you need us to come to your location to assist you, a service call will need to be placed.

5) If your project is a new construction or remodel project, we understand that plans and timelines change. We are very understanding and try to be flexible in these situations. In our bid, we assume that there will be an initial install date and one follow up visit to tie up loose ends (unless otherwise specified in the bid). If additional visits are needed, there may be a service call or trip charge.