8 Ways Chief DataCom Can Help You Blog

I’m Tim Priebe, owner of T&S Web Design. One of my areas of expertise is business blogging. Many business owners that intend to blog regularly on their website end up not doing so because they experience writer’s block, and can’t come up with a topic.

So for all those business owners out there that read the Chief DataCom blog, here are eight different potential topics, with examples directly from the Chief DataCom blog itself.


Simple enough, your first blog entry can be an introduction describing your business.

Example: Welcome to Chief DataCom!

Overview of a Product or Service

Describe a product or service you provide in more detail than you do on your website. Go into some detail about the reasons people frequently purchase it from you.

Example: My phone, my productivity

Tell a Story about a Mistake

Truth be known, compelling stories often come from our mistakes, or even those of customers. But that’s no reason not to use them! They still provide a great warning. Of course, if it was a customer who made the mistake, don’t share their name.

Example: Video Surveillance in the News

Promote a Nonprofit

Almost anyone gets their heartstrings tugged by one nonprofit or another. Help out a nonprofit that’s near and dear to your own heart by promoting them on your blog. And if your feeling particularly generous (like Chief DataCom), donate a percentage of your sales!

Example: Generosity

Share a Video Blog

Think you can’t video blog? Try sharing someone else’s video! When others create videos and share them online, they usually want others to spread them around. So find a video related to your industry on a site like YouTube, and post it on your own blog.

Example: The FBI and video surveillance

Top 10 List

Top ten lists are easy for people to scan and read quickly. And they can be longer or shorter than ten items as well. The title lets your readers know exactly what to expect out of the blog entry. Perhaps best of all, they’ve proven time and time again to be a popular format with readers.

Example: 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System

Staff Profile

You may not have a staff section on your website. Or maybe you do, but you don’t go into great detail. Whatever the case, take a blog entry out to highlight the background of a particular staff member.

Example: He put the “Chief” in Chief DataCom

Customer Testimonial

Your customers may share feedback with you, or you may have to write their testimonial for them. Just make sure you get it approved! Whatever the case, nothing helps prove how awesome you are than someone else saying it.

Example: No, Thank YOU. A testimonial.

So what are you waiting for? Get blogging today so people can get to know you and your business better.

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