There is an “I” in BUSINESS!

Earlier this week, I had someone tell me how great our new store is. He went on to say that, “If I know you, this will be a huge success!” He then offered a product suggestion and insisted that I carry this item. For a number of reasons, I will not take his suggestion. (I DO appreciate his suggestion, he really wanted to help!)

This is just a thought for anyone out there who owns their own business. Hopefully you have put in the time and understand the ins and outs of your trade. I hope that you have had some experience every single trivial task involved in making your company successful. Sweeping, mopping, stocking shelves, conducting inventory, balancing the books, marketing, advertising, selling, customer service. Your business acumen, achievement drive and natural ability will take you a long way, but you MUST put in the time and pay your dues in order to really be successful!

Now, back to my original statement. There is a reason I am qualified to do what I do, and there is a reason you are qualified to do what you do. Do not be afraid to take the helm and make tough decisions! Do not be afraid to say, “no” or “no thank you!”

The fact is, we have all heard, “There is no ‘I’ in team”, right? But, there is an “I” in business. And the “I” in business means, “I write the checks, I pay the bills, I am the one whose name is on the line, I am the one who takes the risk, I am the one who had the dream for this business, I have put in the hard work, I am the “I” in the business!”

Don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to make decisions! You do what you do for a reason, so be the “I” in your business.

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