Baby boomer? Parent? Business owner?

Here are three of our 30 second radio spots. Listen, and you will understand how we can help the baby boomer, parents and business owners!

Security cameras for baby boomers

So many times we are faced with caring for elderly parents. How do you check in on them without driving across town? What if they live hours away and do not answer when you call? Too many baby boomers are spending valuable time and money traveling to elderly parents houses just to see if they are ok. What if you could just peek in, from ANYWHERE in the world? What if you did not need to wonder “What is mom doing today?”

Security cameras for parents

Do you have kids at home? Maybe they ride the bus and are too old for a sitter, or maybe they are teens still in need of supervision? Wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW what they are doing? What if you could check in and make sure things are ok and everyone is getting along and doing homework? You can! Right from your smart phone or PC!

Security cameras for business owners

As a business owner, how many times have you wondered “are my customers getting great service?” or “I wonder what happens when I am not at the office?” Hopefully, you have never wondered “Did an employee steal from the company?” With security cameras, you will know.

Security cameras are a very cost effective way to be in the know!

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