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Thieves, crooks and burglars, OH MY!

We hear stories all of the time from our customers about catching employees stealing, discovering kids are not behaving and so many other little surprises. I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing some of those with you! How about a story of 2 low life thugs stealing Christmas from a 6 […]

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Why not buy (security cameras) from Sam’s?

After receiving yet another call from a very disappointed person who bought a system from Sam’s and has had trouble with it, I thought I should share a blog I wrote about a year ago. (FYI, it could be a do-it-yourself system from ANY company) By the way, I LOVE Sam’s….. just not for this […]

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Baby boomer? Parent? Business owner?

Here are three of our 30 second radio spots. Listen, and you will understand how we can help the baby boomer, parents and business owners! Security cameras for baby boomers So many times we are faced with caring for elderly parents. How do you check in on them without driving across town? What if they […]

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