Texts, Lies and Video Surveillance – Revisited

Several weeks ago I went to a certain retail superstore and was appalled to find the cashier standing at her register and texting on her cell phone! What? I thought that those places had some sort of policy to ensure employees did not use their cell phones while working. She was kind enough to finish up her conversation via text in order to have both hands free to complete the transaction (without any eye contact or greeting!). As I left the store I remember thinking “This place needs to use their security cameras to monitor employee productivity!”

In this business we hear all sorts of stories about employees. Sometimes we hear how employee productivity is in the toilet and the owner does not know whether to fire everyone, or pay them more to try to motivate them. (He could have security cameras installed AND have fewer employees to pay!)

Other times we hear stories about employees stealing from the safe, the inventory or giving away free product to friends and family. There is one instance in particular that stands out. A customer of an office supply store had left her credit card at the register when she checked out. The cashier decided to use the customers credit card while on a shopping spree at several stores in the nearby mall. The office supply store did not have security cameras (which I am convinced would have averted the entire situation). One of the mall stores, however, did have video surveillance! This was great for the customer whose card was stolen, the thief…not so much. Not only did he lose his job, but was also arrested and prosecuted. Side note: Did you notice that the customer was a “she” and the thief was a “he”? Sounds like someone didn’t even think to ask for an ID.

What does all of this have to do with you? Well, if you happen to be a business owner or manager the simple fact is that security cameras prevent most theft, but also improve employee productivity AND protects your customers. This can equate to thousands of dollars a year for your business!

Security cameras work!

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