Security Cameras, Big Brother or Big Mamma?

I have always tried to think of something to say to the conspiracy theorists who feel like having video surveillance in one’s home or business is like having “big brother” watching. Today, it dawned on me! Partially, anyway. I have a great answer for those who do not see the purpose of having it in your home if you have kids (or teens) of ANY age.

When I was growing up, I was fortunate for at least part of my childhood to have my mom stay at home. At the time I did not fully understand just how important it was for her to know EXACTLY where we (the kids) were and PRECISELY what we were doing. If we fought, she knew. If we stole something, she knew. If we did not do our homework, she knew. If we did not get off of the bus, she knew. If we had friends in the house, she knew.

Today, so many homes either consist of 2 working parents or 1 single parent; this means there is significantly less supervision than the good ole days. Kids are sitting on the couch playing video games from the time they get off the bus until mom or dad get home in the evening. They are getting in to things they shouldn’t and in far too many cases the parents never find out because no one is watching. Did Suzie have a friend over? I don’t know. Did Johnny really cause the fight with the neighbor boy? Who knows for sure. Did Sam get home by curfew? Not sure, I was working late. What really happens when your kids are at home all alone? What happens when your teen has friends over?

I am not suggesting that video surveillance can take the place of a parent OR a baby sitter. I am simply suggesting that kids who are old enough to be left at home alone STILL need supervision. Video surveillance is a GREAT help to parents. It does not lie. It is 100% accurate.

We have used video surveillance to solve all sort of mysteries including “who started it”. Most importantly, we understand that ALL KIDS WILL BE TEMPTED TO DO THINGS THEY SHOULDN’T. Yes, even your kid, the “perfect” one. With video surveillance present in the house, it gives them incentive to stay on the straight and narrow because mom and dad can find out. It is that simple.

Mom and dad can log in and make sure the kids are OK, doing homework, getting along and not opening the door to strangers.

Video surveillance costs a whole lot less than the consequences suffered due to inadequate supervision. Be honest, would you have done half of the naughty things you did as a kid if you knew someone were watching?

Just a thought.

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