Deidra Johnson, Forever Young Adult Daycare Testimonial

Working with Chief DataCom is amazing. I’m so glad to have met Leslie and Chad. As a startup business owner, there are so many companies out there eager to take advantage of you, making it hard to find people to work with that you can trust. I met Company X and received their quote for camera installation, a digital recording system, and a monitor. Their quote was $1600 more than Chief DataCom for the EXACT SAME PRODUCTS. I remember calling Leslie a few days after she submitted her proposal—I was baffled at the savings and figured there must be something wrong, or labor wasn’t included. She said “Nope. That’s for everything.” I was shocked—in a good way. It was amazing to see that I didn’t have to sacrifice quality for savings. Besides that, the security cameras were installed the following week, all in one afternoon. The guys came in, did their thing and didn’t disrupt business. Everyone on the staff is friendly and fun to work with. I’m glad to have met Leslie and Chad. They’re more than just business owners, they’ve become friends and I highly recommend them to anyone who has any security needs!

Deidra Johnson
Forever Young Adult Daycare

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