He put the “Chief” in Chief DataCom

Chad NesSmith is the President and owner of Chief DataCom.  You may wonder why this statement is significant.  It so happens that Chad is a bit of a celebrity in the world of telecom.

More often than not, when I go into my usual dissertation about Chief DataCom and how awesome we are (and I get to the point where I talk about Chad) this is the response I get: “Chad NesSmith! Wow! He put in our telephone system 20 years ago!!”

Chad’s career began about 25 years ago in Lawton, Oklahoma.  He has worked with many interesting people over the years, including the now State Auditor, Gary Jones (who used to own a telecom company).  Chad also installed his very first video surveillance system during that time.  It is interesting to hear how much video surveillance and telephone systems have changed over the years!

Chad also holds a number of certifications for telecom and network services in addition to holding a state license for video surveillance.  Chad is often sought out by other professionals in the industry when they are in need of an expert opinion or advice on how to manage a particular project.

In 1989, Chad took his expertise to the next level and purchased (along with a partner) a flailing telecom company that was sinking like rock.  As president, he successfully turned it into a very prosperous commercial telecommunications company and was even awarded the coveted “Best of Business” award. He enjoyed this success for several years and eventually decided to sell his interest in the company and reinvest in a new company, a new adventure.

This new company would be born of his own ideas, expertise, superior customer service skills, personal values and of course his wife’s (Leslie) energy.  The company is Chief DataCom.  Though Chief DataCom is a new company, the experience behind the company rivals any company of its sort in the state of Oklahoma.

Now you “know” the man who put the “Chief” in Chief DataCom

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