Is your uncle’s cousin’s neighbor licensed?

A few days ago we had the pleasure of meeting with a new potential customer. She is a lovely lady and I can just imagine her baking cookies for grandkids or sharing a cup of sugar with a neighbor.
She called us because she had a video surveillance system installed a few years ago and the “young many who installed it” (no doubt a friend of a friend) is not returning her phone calls. She has tried to reach him a number of times to no avail. (I am sure he is just busy.)

She was referred to us through a mutual friend and we were more than happy to go take a look at the system for her. As our technician went through the process of troubleshooting the video surveillance system, he was totally baffled. There seemed to be no reason for the system not to be working. The technician decided to call the software manufacturer to see if there was an update that needed to be installed. Of course, as part of the process, he needed to give them the key code. As it turns out, the software had been pirated.

Pirated!!?? You ask? That’s right! Apparently this is a fairly common practice for those “nice young (unlicensed) men” who peddle video surveillance systems to unsuspecting people in need of protecting their home or business. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to take advantage of such a nice lady! Actually, I can imagine it. It happens all of the time. It happens to all sorts of people.
Don’t be afraid to ask to see the license of anyone installing ANY type of security device or system in your home or business. The state has the fingerprints, name, addresses and contact info of EVERY licensed security & CCTV person on file just in case it is ever needed.

P.S. Video Surveillance works!

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