Buy now, pay later

This seems to be the theme of our American shopping practices. Is there ever a time when we should buy now and pay later? As business owners, we have decided that our aim is to operate debt free. For us it is not just a goal it is a reality. However, there are many companies out there that are simply not in the position to completely avoid debt.

What happens if a business owner has a real need for a product or service that can significantly increase productivity, sales and/or customer service or decrease loss and expense but does not have the cash to pay for it today? Not all of us have the luxury of an open checkbook. (Maybe none of us do.) Not all of us have capital reserve, but we all have a need to improve our daily operations.

At Chief DataCom we offer low interest financing for those who need it. Many businesses suffer loss due to theft or careless mistakes that could be totally avoided with video surveillance. Other businesses miss important customer calls due to lack of phones, phone lines, voicemail or the ability to retrieve messages while on the go. In these situations a choice must be made either continue the way business is currently being conducted and save a dime today, or improve operations and add money to the bottom line while making low interest payments.

This is an important decision to make especially if you are one of those losing money or missing out on potential sales. Financing is not the best choice for everyone, but for some it can be the one thing that keeps their business afloat or propels their business to the next level.

If you are in need of a new business telephone system or video surveillance but do not have the cash on hand today, financing may be an option for you. To those of you who do have an open checkbook, we are here for you too! (We just don’t recommend financing.)

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