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As I was giving thought to this week’s blog, I came across the blog for the Central Oklahoma Homebuilders Association blog and thought it would be a good one to share.

“Last week I was blessed to hear a sermon titled “Why?”. It was about Why bad things happen to good people. The pastor used an example of another pastor’s two year old child riding his tricycle in a driveway and being run over and killed by someone backing out. This was the extreme side but there is also the everyday “bad” stuff that happens to all of us on a seemingly daily basis.

I consider myself a “good” person. I go to church, teach a Sunday school class, tithe, volunteer, and I’m too busy the rest of the time to get in trouble if I wanted too. Yet, there are many days I come home from work asking “Why?”. Appliances stolen from a job, some trade didn’t finish like scheduled and now the next trades opening is 10 days out, neighbors calling complaining about framers music waking their sleeping baby, and plumbing leaks across the wood floor of the home we closed last week. This would make me come home asking “Why?”.

Monday I got to play in a charity golf tournament (played well too) and was fortunate to be able to leave the course and drive straight to a closing. Good Monday! Tuesday morning I received three contracts and a fourth that afternoon. Not bad considering we had just sold our oldest spec three days earlier. So, here I was driving home Tuesday evening and just as I was about to think “now this is more like it”, it sunk in and I thought “Why?”. This was not part of the sermon but it sure made sense and made me think…”Why?”.

Take what you want from this MMU but I know I do business with a lot of “good” people that are a lot like me and I’m sure I’m not the only one that asks “Why?”. The answer can be found in Job 1&2; however, the whole book of Job is easy worthwhile reading.”
Written By: Jim Schuff

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