Video Surveillance in the News

We have all heard (or read) the stories recently about video surveillance in the news: a woman observes her house being robbed while monitoring it remotely via the internet, a tragic story about a boy who was kidnapped and the perpetrator was captured due to video footage, robberies are foiled, mysteries are solved…. every single day.

This week I went to several networking functions and heard story after story of either success or failure.The successes usually have to do with a business or home owner deterring a theft or catching a thief. The failures have to do with people who see so clearly with their hindsight and only wish they had video of what happened.

One of the most interesting incidents over the years involved a hotel owner. We had ardently advised him to have cameras placed in a hallway that lead to an exit. Parts of the hotel were still under construction and were not all that secure and they had started receiving some high dollar equipment such as plasma monitors.

The hotel owner decided to err on the side of “saving money” and not have the cameras installed (the cost would have been less than $1000). Unfortunately, a thief saw an opportunity and stole all of the equipment. If I recall correctly it was tens of thousands of dollars. The thief was never caught, and the hotel did install the cameras within 24 hours of the robbery.

That is the kind of story we just hate to hear. It is frustrating for the bad guy to get away. I know that in an age of people being concerned with “violations of civil rights” it is easy to lose sight of what is REALLY important: the safety and security of loved ones and our livelihood. Check out this news story about video surveillance success!

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