Do I need video surveillance?

This is a question many individuals ponder in an age in which the words “need” and “want” seem to be interchangeable. There are questions that should be asked to determine if there is a true need.  Such as:

Do I have teens or young children at home?

Why is this question important?  Video surveillance acts as not only a way to “prove” an event took place, but also as a preventative measure.  Preventing poor behavior such as: your 17 year old throwing a party or entertaining questionable guests while parents are out of town, YES, it happens.  It can also prevent would-be intruders from ever considering your home as a viable target.

Do I own or operate a business?

This question may seem broad; however, there are many challenges businesses of ANY size may face.  Video surveillance is proven to increase employee productivity, improve customer service (when employees are aware they are being monitored), and decrease theft and frivolous workers compensation claims resulting in the increased profitability of many businesses.

There are other questions that could be considered as well.  In a nutshell, the question is “Do I have anything (or anyone) of value that I really need to protect from theft, damage or any type of abuse?”  If the answer is “yes”, video surveillance should be considered.

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