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My phone, my productivity

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times “I can’t get anything done because the phone won’t stop ringing!”. The funny thing is, business owners WANT the phone to ring. It means there is a person in need of our product or service.  Or, it could mean that there is […]

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Do I need video surveillance?

This is a question many individuals ponder in an age in which the words “need” and “want” seem to be interchangeable. There are questions that should be asked to determine if there is a true need.  Such as: Do I have teens or young children at home? Why is this question important?  Video surveillance acts as […]

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Yes, we live in Oklahoma but, did we HAVE to pick and Indian as our “mascot”? Here’s the real story behind the Indian AND the name Chief DataCom. Not only does “chief” mean important or in charge, as in Chief Executive Officer, but is also is the word for an Indian leader. Chad NesSmith, the […]

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