Welcome to Chief DataCom!

After more than 20 years in the business and over a decade of owning and operating a successful telecom company, we decided to change the game up a bit. So many businesses out there are focused solely on the bottom line, making money. Don’t get me wrong, we ARE in the business to make money, but, we choose to go about it a little differently.

We believe that by making the customer the priority we will ultimately help us reach our financial goals. The point is, customers come to us with problems: they are experiencing theft or some other sort of loss and need video surveillance, their phone systems are out dated and in need of replacement or maybe they are opening a new business and haven’t the foggiest idea where to begin!

We can choose to help solve their problem by finding the right product for their needs and budget, offer outstanding support and customer service and keep them FOREVER as a customer (and hopefully get referrals). OR we can sell them whatever they will buy, at the highest possible price…… well, you get the picture. We believe the way to success in any company is to be a solution for the customer, not create problems!

But, if you REALLY want to just pay a ton of money, we will be happy to be your solution, too!

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